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1. If I live in the local area do I still have to pay for shipping?

   a. No you will not be responsible for shipping cost, however deliver cost will be applied based on mile radius.

2. Am I required to purchase a minimum amount of Tamales?

   a. Yes, if you're local the minimum is (2) dozens plus delivery cost.

   b. If you're ordering out of local area, then the minimum amount is (3) dozens plus shipping cost.

3. How is the shipping cost calculated?

   a. Shipping is based off your zip code.

4. Do I have to place my order in advance, if so how much notice do I need to provide?

   a. Due to order volume, placing your order in advance and providing notice helps us to process your order in a timely fashion.

5. What type of shipping do you provide if I'm ordering outside of the local area?

   a. Based on how soon you want your order , we provide standard, priority, and overnight shipping options.

6. How is my order package at the time it's shipped out?

   a. Any orders placed for shipping will be vacuum sealed, placed in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure freshness and boxed accordingly.

7. What shipping providers do you use?

   a. US Post Office, FedEx, and UPS.

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